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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Guess who else is fudging his gift reports

Sadly, it's Grampy.

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Scone in '08!

ah Grampy, Grampy....what were ya thinking? Oh yeah- you weren't.

Grampy strikes another blow for transparency and accountability of our elected officials!

I thought anything over $100 is a state ethics violation, but perhaps 'entertainment' is exempt?

Do the Blazers always count as entertainment?

"since those seats are giveaways and not sold to the public, they don’t have any value associated with him"

Hmmm, that's strangely familiar to the ethics the PDC uses to come up with a negative appraisel for property they want to give to their friends.

It's all good.

I'm sure we can have much more of this to look forward to once Potter railroads through a Charter change that gives the Mayor (no matter who it turns out to be) more power with less accountability.

Do the Blazers always count as entertainment?

I believe they have always provided me great entertainment.

Sadly, though, it's not while they've been on the basketball court.

Tempest in a teapot.

I see that Amanda Fritz has written about the creation of a "vice mayor" under the proposed changes to the city charter.

No mention of mayoral vice, though.

Just out of interest, given Grampy's performance to date, does anyone here feel comfortable turning all major decisions over to just him?

I certainly don't...and I supported his election to mayor.

Courtside seats for $34, funny I thought those were about $250 each.

Too bad Potter is so g-d cheap (I know waiters who have waited on him and gotten a grand total of 5% tips at good restaurants) for making $200K a year from the taxpayers.

Call the FBI back in to investigate.

Tempest in a teapot.

Fail to report courtside Blazer tickets on original gift report: maybe not a story.

Gross undervaluation of courtside Blazer tickets: maybe not a story.

Both: story!

"Courtside seats for $34, funny I thought those were about $250 each." Feet on the floor tickets run well over $500 a pop. Check it on craigslist if you like.

It's crazy that he tried to say they were only worth $34 each. If my memory serves me correctly all Blazer tickets have the face value printed on them.

Personally, I think the mayor should have a free pair of courtside tickets to every game. The Blazers are our only major sports franchise, and the mayor should be able attend without charge. Does the POTUS and his entire secret service detail pay for tickets to the World Series? I doubt it.

Of course, the mayor may have to pay taxes on the full face value of the tickets if he decides to attend since they would be more of a "perk" than gift. I bet a dollar that Bush doesn't declare taxes on the free tickets he gets to all the functions he attends.

How much would a person have to pay for a ride in a fighter jet landing on a aircraft carrier off the coast of California for no other apparent purpose than to bolster their own persona in the public eye? $1 million? $2 million? Did Bush report his little joy ride? No F-ing way.

I think we're majoring in the minors here people.

I guess I'm clueless here. I certainly wouldn't pay $34 for a Blazer ticket, courtside or not.

Courtside seat holders sign multi-years license for each two seats package. Since every licensee signs different length of contracts, the package price varies. The price includes a parking pass for every Blazer games at the attached garage and the right of first refusal for those same seats or equivalent for all events at the Rose Quarter. Licensees get early notifications of all events and can preorder a certain number of tickets prior to those event tickets are available for public sale. My row 3 seats costs over $18K this year. I was told at one time that it was about 5% more for each row closer to the court. My experience is that the first three rows are sold out every year. Therefore, it should be easy to find out from the Rose Quarter or the Blazers the fair market value of comparable courtside seat tickets.

I guess I'm clueless here. I certainly wouldn't pay $34 for a Blazer ticket, courtside or not.

I don't think clueless is quite the right word (although I wouldn't reject it out of hand) - obtuse might be nearer the mark.


I think the story is the non-story. The O would be all over this if Potsy were of a different political stripe - no?

Of course, as UK has pointed out, everything's relative.

"obtuse might be nearer the mark"

Ok, so I'm a little overweight. But it's the worst kind of ad hominem attack to throw that up in a political dialog.


Obtusity is my business and none of yours.

"Everything's relative?" Potter's got a relative in the Blazer organization?

The best part about being obtuse is a cute comment.

Ask my brother, Darrell.

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