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Monday, February 19, 2007

Blazer trade in the works?

Word on the street for some time now has been that the Blazers are trying to ship out high-priced modest-achieving center Jamaal Magloire. Perhaps they are getting close to doing so -- if this story is accurate. And if you scroll down in this story, you'll see a report that the Blazers may be working on a three-way trade involving the Lakers and Jason Kidd. The trade deadline is Thursday.

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More speculation on the three-way trade scenario can be found here.

Whatever they do I hope it doesn't involve any of the young talent. We don't need to trade off a guy like Travis Outlaw and have him turn into the next Jermaine O'Neal.

BTW...Jason Kidd? He's (or was) a great player, but we don't need a point guard and he costs too much.

We wouldn't get Kidd. We'd get rid of some of the bigger, more useless contracts that we're carrying. The Lakers would get Kidd.

Trade zach; waive miles. start fresh.

Why is it I have terrible memories of every multi-team trade we've been involved in over the last 10 years?

It's a joke that Kidd makes 18 million and Billups, a much better point guard, makes nearly 12 million less at 6.5 million. I hope to God that the Blazers stay very far away from Kidd. He's too old, slow, and has a weak jumper.

Let's hope the Blazers make some good moves here.

Yeah, but what about the Blazer tradition of getting all-stars way past their prime?!

I'm still worried we're going to get Rod Strickland *AGAIN* someday. That can't happen can it?

No, but we could get Sebastian Telfair back at any moment.

If they trade Jarrett Jack, I may have to dump a Coke on Patterson. No, make that a $3 bottle of water.

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