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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Big weekend

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Jack, please give us a break!


When was the last time the artist formerly known as Prince had a paying gig? Does anybody know how to type the "symbol" that he changed his name to?

That's probably why his email traffic dropped like a rock: nobody could get in touch with him.

I'm rooting for the Colts...Or whoever's winning in the 4th quarter. Have to wait and see.

If it's 55 degress and sunny, we might even skip the big game to go to the PARK.
My 2.5 year old has his priorities doncha know.

My fifteen year old already has a bunch of friends coming over to watch the game, with coneys on the menu. Bears fans all, except one proud holdout.

I'm sorta with Jim on this one, Jack. That is a singularly unattractive picture to have pop up on my screen. Keep Portland weird, indeed...

And you're objecting to Cirque de Soleil?

Hey! I'm trying to eat here!

"Wow, these football players are gigantic when you get up close."
"Those are the field goal kickers, Prince."

Disturbing doesn't even begin to describe things...

Nice hands

I don't understand. Is there something going on this weekend?

Oh, that's right. We'll be THAT much closer to baseball season.

OMG I think I'm going to be sick.

Have you no consideration for your faithful readers?

I hope Jack is thinking, "I didn't mean to cause you any sorrow, I didn't mean to cause you any pain..."

Let's go crazy, let's get nuts, let's look 4 the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck.

Now that James has left us, and Richard and the others are getting so far up in years, Prince is probably the most vibrant funkmeister on the planet.

I will be surprised if by Monday, Prince isn't the talk of the Super Bowl. He is a monster.

If he has a wardrobe malfunction, we're all in trouble.

I want to watch the BEARS, not the bared.

Couldn't you use your photoshop skills for the betterment of mankind and put a bag on that picture?


don't listen to them, jack. prince is hot.

needs some photoshop work with our local fearless leaders. Who`s first?

Methinks Prince is disturbingly appealing to some of you.

As somebody who was praying that the halftime show would be the Hilton sisters (or Kid Rock) singing a patriotic tribute to the heroes of hurricane Katrina or 9/11 or to the troops or something, it is vastly disappointing to get Prince instead. I mean, he doesn't know anything about football.

The last time that the Yankees were in the World Series, I think 2002 vs. the Florida Marlins, I was in the stands for game one with my 10 year old daughter, Christina. The crowd was still bathing in the swell of victory from Aaron Boone's walkoff homer against the hated Red Sox. Prior to the game, the crowd was happy, generous with good karma and in everyway as warm as one can be in the Big Apple.

Then the beautiful, warm Saturday night was shattered. Clay Aiken was introduced to sing the National Anthem. Acting as one, the crowd let forth the most spontaneous, harsh round of boos that I had ever experienced. Got to love New York. Kinda bought tears to Christina's eyes, so acting as a sensitive father, I sat down and continued my booing from my seat.

Prince should stay home. But I'm sure that the politically correct Superbowl crowd won't pull a Clay Aiken on him. Too bad. I love New York !!!

In the summer of 1984, I was working in Bakersfield, CA. On a hot afternoon, I was at a gas station,filling up my car when a chauffeur driven Jaguar (I think it was) pulled up. A guy in a purple cape and gloves got out to stretch his legs. Someone else at the station told me it was Prince.

The picture IS awful (my daughter said she was scarred for life ;) ) but Prince's halftime show was awesome. I don't care what anyone says, Prince still rocks. But I'm a native Minnesotan, so maybe I'm prejudiced.

My dream trip to Vegas: Prince, "Love," "Ka," cabana time with the kids, and a big night at the Rio crap tables.

My dream trip to Jurassic Park: listening to the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and a Yankees fan whinging about political correctness.
Sure, Prince rocked the house, but where was the Tribute to Heroes?

Having gone to college in Wisconsin, I made many road trips to Minneapolis to 1st Avenue in the mid-80s. Prince also played many acoustic shows at a couple of clubs nearby that I was able to attend. I was also invited to the premier of "Sign of the Times." My husband was not a Prince fan, but I drug him to a show here in Portland years ago, and he definitely changed his mind about Prince's showmanship. And as far as Jack's picture...you all just have "Dirty Minds!"

Don't put pictures of Prince on here looking like this if he didn't give u the PERMISSION 2 do so!!!!!

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