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Monday, February 26, 2007

Bernie's totally unrepentant

I got an e-mail the other day responding to this post. The "From" line on the message read, and I quote, "SHERIFF." The message said:

Mr. Bogdanski:

Thanks for your email. You might guess there is much more to the story than the "National Enquirer" Oregonian version. I would like to have the opportrunity to speak with you directly about the issues involved. I have taken my 33year law enforcement career very seriously and have served this state honorably and with a commitment to the professional integrity of the agency. That does not mean that strong leadership will not lead to the need to make difficult decisions around that professional responsibility. Also private life decisons of elected officials are ften less contgroversial than those of others the only difference is that they are open to public view.

I have never been accused of violating my oath of office. While I do calim to have a perefect life, I have conducted myself as an unmarried (for the past 18 years) in a reasonable and lawlful manner.

Please call me, I see you are an educator as such you should be open to some honest and open debate on the issue.

Bernie Giusto
Multnomah County Sheriff.

A short time later, he was in the paper allowing uniformed county officers to police a private high school's ballgames in uniform and with county vehicles, on the ground that, well, he's the sheriff and he thinks it's the right thing to do. Forget all the messy paperwork that he's supposed to fill out to approve the uniformed moonlighting, and forget that the use of county cars in such activity is prohibited. It's the right thing to do, and it's cheaper to cut corners on the rules.

If it were the county librarian doing this, it would be one thing. But it's the county's top law enforcement officer. He's not too far from saying "I am the law." Not a healthy situation.

Comments (27)

I do calim to have a perefect life

No comment, on any number of levels.

I'll forgive him the typos; it was e-mail. As for the content, I shake my head.

It will be interesting to see where Wheeler and Naito go with the moonlighting.

It's not just the typo level. He also forgot the "not" between "do" and "calim", leading to several other levels of hilarity.

He does seem to have a problem with misuse of the word "not."

So Jack, are you going to take him up on his offer to speak to you directly?

Since Bernie is probably reading this....I think it's time he looked into getting FireFox.

It comes with a FREE spell checker!

He does seem to have a problem with misuse of the word "not."

Well, this can happen to anyone, after all - recall the so-called "Wicked Bible" version printed in 1795 that omitted the word "not" in Exodus 20:14, leading to the commandment "Thou shall commit adultery".

Wicked Bible?

Around here we call that Bernie's Bible.

Forget about Bernie, he is a lost soul I have met so many people like this who can convince themselves nothing they do is wrong - they only need to explain it to you.

I kind of thought of the sheriff as being a role model, but when you start with the basic Bernie, what do you expect from spoiled goods? This guy was gone from the minute he was sleeping with Neil's wife.

I just don't understand how he finds women dumb enough to sleep with him.

I second the question: Jack, are you going to take him up on his offer to speak with him about this?

I, for one, would love to hear about that conversation. On many levels. And I urge you to take him up on it!

If we're voting here, I'd rather see you spend your available time blogging than being bloviated upon.

Jack, when you meet with Bernie, ask him for more details about his knowledge, whereabouts, concerning Neil and the raping of a fourteen year old; and not reporting it. Ask him also about the incident with Neil up at Washington Park. Have him put his responses into writing.

I agree with the last comment. Biting commentary is far funnier using secondhand information and ignoring the actual people involved. It's much more entertaining to encourage the Sheriff's constituents to call/email with their complaints while simultaneously scoffing at the opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion that most of us will never have.

Maybe I'm alone in this opinion, but frankly, I'd rather have the Sheriff's staff spend their time on law enforcement than fielding questions from gossip columnists about our local Monica-gate. Way to take attention from the real issues our state faces.

"Last comment" referring to the one by Allan L., not lw.

spend your available time blogging than being bloviated upon.

"I never bloviated on her until they were separated."

I think we need a special prosector to look into these tawdry allegations. Let's see if Judge Larry is available: I'd love to see him go mano-a-mano with Bernie.

I vote: Have a chat with him.

It wouldn't hurt to send him a copy of 'The Elements of Style' either.

Out of all the "helpers" in society, teachers, nurses, firefighters, police, no one is dumber than the average cop.

No one. Including my nephew working the burbs. Nice kid, not that sharp. Working on his third marriage and he ain't even 30.

And here's the proof. A NY police department that refuses to hire smart applicants because smart people know how boring and mind-numbing police work is on a daily basis.

Read it and weep, Bernie.


Didn't Bernie drive Neil's limo when he was out looking for girls?

"I have conducted myself as an unmarried."

Me too, Bernie. Me too.

I predict a follow-up from the Stallion expressing (possible irony alert) righteous indignation that you published his message here. These political types aren't too clear on what's actually public record - ask Karlock.

I assume you checked the IP adddress.


I've developed a stuttter.

I guess theres "no controlling legal authority" over Bernie's penis....

A NY police department that refuses to hire smart applicants because smart people know how boring and mind-numbing police work is on a daily basis.

I may be society's dumbest helper, but I'm pretty sure the article says Connecticut not NY. And I didn't see any reference to boring and mind-numbing there either. You might want to use some of that big IQ of yours on reading comprehension. I recognize its a small, petty point, but after reading your post, I don't think I was the first one to be petty. Now please excuse me, I'm going to play a challenging game of Chutes and Ladders.

It was the New London, Conn. police chief who said he did not hire smart people becase police work is so boring.

It is widely-known as the "Bernie Kerik" rule in law enforcement circles.


My mistake on the city, not the actual story.

'Ol Bernie's either got a short memory or he doesn't read his email.

I took exception to his quote (or something like it) of "we be 'jail'n'. If you want us to be the Arkansas of the west coast...".

I emailed him several month's ago and said that his comments made him look stupid and to definately leave Arkansas out of it. He's not from there so butt out.

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