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Thursday, January 11, 2007

If it had happened last year

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I will say that all Portland Public Schools employees did have to work today (I suspect some teachers appreciated the chance to catch up on grading, lesson planning etc) or else use their personal/vacation days. That was pretty straightforward.


And what about all the parents that had to leave work to get their kids taken care of? What about all the lost money and productivity?
Most of these parents can't just drop everything without issue.
"...Carlin Ames said opening selective schools is too tough logistically..."
Give me a break! Why do we pay so much to the district if they can't coordinate every school individualy?

It's amazing that the superintendent is from Pennsylvania - where they have real snow events - and she closes the schools with that pathetic little weather effort. Trust me, yesterday was a coffee klatch for PPS employees. If any real work got done it would be a miracle.

Dear John,

Prove that baseless accusation, with real evidence, or stick a sock in it, pal, because a modem is a terrible thing to waste.


p.s. We're waiting!

Great, Daphne's off her meds again...

If Dianne was still County Chair, she'd have to send a perky email talking about how dedicated all the kids are, and how they are all "A-students" anyway, and we probably ought to give them another day off just to show how much we appreciate them.

Daphne: I recognize that some teachers may have dilligently filled the time with grading papers, preparing lesson plans, etc. But you certainly don't believe they ALL punched 8 hours on yesterday's time cards?

Full disclosure: my mom is an elementary school principal, and she averages 60 hours per week AT SCHOOL, and additional hours in the evening/weekends for board meetings, maintenance/improvements, and school events. She would be the first one to tell you that some some teachers arrive 5 minutes before class starts and leave as soon as the last bell rings.

Great, Daphne's off her meds again...

Rx: "Prove that baseless accusation, with real evidence, or stick a sock in it..."

Look, she's written herself a prescription.

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