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Monday, January 22, 2007

$57 million vistas

The views from the new Pill Hill Aerial Rapid Transit system are going to provide signature images for Portland. Here's how the north-side tram perspective on SW Gibbs Street is shaping up, as seen from Walt:

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There seem to be some letters missing from some of the roofs.

It's a 60 million dollar game of hangman.

Can I buy a vowel?

There seem to be some letters missing from some of the roofs.

And the award for stating the obvious point of the joke goes to....

Will Country Joe and the Fish be playing for the opening this weekend?

"And the award for stating the obvious point of the joke goes to...."

And the award for stating the obvious point of the joke goes to....

I didn't notice the letters until Allan L pointed it out. I was wondering which one was Walt. Made me disney.

It continues on. The next block down says, "And the Tram you rode in on."

Piffle, Jackanapes. Allan's stating (or, repeating, really) of the obvious point of the joke in the picture isn't itself a joke. Or maybe I'm the only one with that particular pet peeve. "Oh, look at me, I got the joke and now will spell it out for everyone else!"

I'd like to buy an "A".

Google Earth map?

Vision this: same letters, in xmas lights strategically/carefully staple-gunned to wood frames, afixed to roofs, powered up from Nov 30 thru Jan 2.

Next up? A "local" radio station (tune into AM 999, or, whatever) that loops a taped message just like those construction sites with 750 feet range. Don't need more than that.


I'll take any award I can get; and to all those who don't appreciate my attempt at humor, I apologize. But to say that my comment wasn't a joke . . . well, that's just cruel.

Did you mention the tram is connected to 160 million building that pay no property taxes because it's owned by a "non-for-profit".

I still think the "Burma Shave" approach has merit, too. Then folks could be "arty" and "clever".

But then, it probably wouldn't get through that haze of stultifying arrogance.

This may be a naive' question, but is that a real photo or has it been photoshopped? If real, I propose taking up a collection to raise funds to entice the "missing letters" to allow the finishing of the message.

Nevermind....I'm an idiot. But on second thought, how about a fund to write the whole message?

Just think of those poor souls who have had homes below the St. Johns and Vista Bridge for the last 80 odd years! Too bad only cyclists and peds can really gawk from those places.

I see their plot has worked. You're all following the program. No more insults to the cars themselves, Walt and Jean, lest you be labeled racists, and misogynists. Did the real Walt and Jean give their consent to this name-game? Do they know they are being used as a front? Or are they conveniently deceased?

Walt and Jean were pictured riding the tram - with big smiles - on the front page of the O last week.

FYI, here's the link on Google Maps. Doesn't appear that Google has the tram on their satellite imagery yet.

Gotta love Phil Stanford's suggestion. The city should paint Walt and Jean yellow and let everyone ride them for free. At least no one could steal them.

Lowly Citizen,

From reading the news reports, both Walt and Jean were asked for their consent and Walt at first balked because of the controversy associated with project. The naming of the cars is one of the very few things that OHSU/COP got right on this project.

Thanks for the info Kari and Hilsy. Now I know. But I don't share the opinion that this naming was a good thing, even if Jean and Walt do. These people are being used, not honored. And it's working well.

And what is planned for the OHSU property on the waterfront near the tram?
A 325' high, 500 thousand sq. ft. retirement tower. Now that's a view buster - eh?

hilsy writes>>>The naming of the cars is one of the very few things that OHSU/COP got right on this project.

Well, I guess if you define "got it right" as -- came up with a Hallmark cutsy warm-fuzzy handle, and justified it by saying the names honor certain individuals and their achievements.

In reality, when this city, state, country, world, wants to honor an individual by naming something after him/her -- they use their full name, or at least their last name -- without regard as to whether that name is "cute" enough to disarm the rabble. We don't call it "Mart Blvd" ya know?

The exception to the rule is when the individual has some title like "Queen" or "Emperor" before their name. Then first names only, preceded by title of course, are common...

Memories are short, and very shortly the names of the folks being "honored" in this unusual fashion will be forgotten. But "Walt" and "Jean" will continue on their chipper, cute little ways, and people will coo over their names, wondering, were they named after someone’s favorite dog? oblivious to the lives of the two remarkable people they were, superficially, "named in honor of”.

NEWS FLASH: This just in from SoWhat/Tram Central:

Even though the taxpayers of Portland paid for the new sewer, water, and streets in SoWhat, the city has allowed the newly created streets to be classified as "private streets". YOU can't park there. This the the explaination for the new signs along our streets reading "condo residence parking only". Another shaft to the taxpayers of Portland like the tram.

Too ironic for words.

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