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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why I love America

How did I, a white boy from New Jersey, get to appreciate the deep soul sounds of people like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin? Via a Turkish guy named Ahmed Ertegun.

And when it was time to create a soundscape for Clint Eastwood in his classic Western flicks, who was the go-to guy? Some dude named Ennio Morricone.

Life is much better with arms open wide.

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"Life is much better with arms open wide."

Not if Carmelo Anthony is punching you.

Already the media puppets are saying he used an open hand. Less of a $u$pension that way.

Of course, the whole thing was just a tribute to Ron Artest.

I thought it was one of the more dangerous NBA punches. Of course, nothing will compare with Kermit Washington, but
I think Carmelo should get 10 games off at least. Unlike, Kermit he had time to think about it. He didn't just react. He decided to do it.
The real problem was the part in the crowd. That's going to be some major suspensions. Then it's just a matter of waiting for everyone involved in the crowd to sue.
I also thought Isiah showed no leadership, especially giggling during the press conference. He's got to go.

He's as bad a coach as Cheeks, only a lot sleazier.

I can understand why the Nuggets would have a chip on their shoulders. How would you feel if your team was named after unidentified chicken parts?

Speaking of Ahmet Ertegun, did I really read that his demise began when he fell and hurt his head at a Rolling Stones concert? That gives you sort of a proud feeling, doesn't it?
And the best part - he was stage-diving.

More action there than at the hockey game I was at tonight. Carmello needs to sit for a while. That was vicious.

And why is Kiki Vandeweghe commenting about the incident on ESPN when he should be running the Blazers? Oh that's right, Patterson is still in charge. Ah crap.

aw, jackson, you write something nice about having your arms wide open, and the boys come in and just write a bunch of comments about sports. i like what you wrote about the wide open arms. it's a nice change to the usual paranoia and intolerance i hear. not from you, of course. just around.

But back to the original point, remember who reinvented the American western that Morricone scored - Sergio Leone.

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