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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A little nutty

Peter Boyle died last night. He made several great films, and of course he'll be remembered for his days as the dad on "Raymond," but I'll always think of him most fondly for this role.

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Let's not forget Where The Buffalo Roam (1980), where Boyle played Lazlo, the Samoan lawyer sidekick to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Bill Murray).

I loved him in "In God We Tru$t;" and how can anyone forget the great job he did as the corrupt law enforcement officer in "Outland?"

I read today that he turned down the lead role in "The French Connection" as well...that would have been different.

But I have to say, his role in "Raymond" is my favorite. Those one-liners kill me sometimes.

Frighteningly enough, I knew without clicking where the link would lead.



One of my favorites scenes and actors.

Peter Boyle was part of the FTA anti-war troup, along with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland. I saw them at a huge rally in Pennsylvania in 1970 or so. His first big flick back then was "Joe" about a "right-winger" who ends up shooting his "hippie" daughter. I was in film school, then, and one of my instructors had a bit part as a bartender. Not a bad flick to check out.

I last saw Peter Boyle on TV a few weeks ago and can't remember what he was doing a comedy send-up of, but I remember thinking how cool it was he was still politically engaged.

Seems like a good life well-lived.

Like rickyragg, I expected to see that scene on the youtube link. I recall watching this movie for the first time with my dad on video when I was in my mid-teens, and we were both in tears of laughter at this scene!

We lost a good one.

A brilliant clip (I was thinking, Puttin'on the Ritz, but this one is priceless, too) He was one of the good ones, R.I.P.

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