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Friday, November 3, 2006

You know you're a parent when...

...the highlight of your Friday night is catching a housefly and feeding it to your Venus fly trap.

And then re-enacting the whole thing, taking turns playing the parts of the trapper, the fly, the leaf that just missed the fly, and the leaf that had dinner.

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I hope your fly trap is outside in the cold because they can't live indoors very long.

I thought just the opposite. They like it warm and humid.....Soooooo confusing! :-)

(I, too, have a venus flytrap even tho I don't have children to entertain with it. But the niece and nephews dig it.)

Actually, they're o.k. indoors, but from about Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, they need to be in a cool spot so that they can go dormant.

The best way to get them through their dormant phase is to allow the plant to dry out in late fall and then bag it up in some slightly damp peat moss and put it in the crisper in your fridge for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks pull it out and repot it and put it in a warm well lit window sill or under grow lights. Keep the plant in a saucer with distilled water so it never drys out when in active growth. The absolute best medium in the world to grow them in is fresh New Zealand Spaghnum moss which you can order online or buy at Portland Nursery. Dionea muscipula is probably the most incredible plant on the planet (Darwin said so). A miracle that only grows in a very small habitat in the Carolinas and no other place on earth. Almost extinct in nature because of habitat destruction it is easily cultivated. The active trap is totally unique to the insectivorous plants and scientists still don't fully understand how it works.

Did you videotape it? That would rocket up the charts on YouTube!

Great suggestion, Kari! But alas, we didn't document it. You had to be there. Maybe next time -- when we're planning to feed it one of the tiny crickets that our frogs eat.

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