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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Destructive high winds are forecast for Portland this evening. Expect monstrous blasts of stale air from the south -- Mark Cuban and his Dallas Mavericks are here to play the Blazers. We've got the outrageous seats behind the visitors' bench again. Watch for us on the tube -- I'll be the old guy in the wire-rimmed glasses next to the adorable 6-year-old girl with the missing tooth. Complete game wrap-up tonight -- if there's power.

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I'm going to the game, too. Got a friend of a friend who works in the Rose Garden, and she's got a suite for the game. It'll be my first time in one of those suites. I'll look for you!

...but I could have sworn that they were scheduled to play the Timberwolves tonight? Oh, well, a game's a game.

I wish I was going to the game! I once lived in another NBA city and attended games frequently. Ol' Mark and I once had an, umm, interesting conversation... we were both stuck in a confined area and it was not the most pleasant situation. Totally irrelevant but he's actually quite tall.

Psst, Brian -- the Twolves and Blazers played about a week ago.

Correction: They did play the Twolves last weekend but they play them again this Tuesday in Minnesota.

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