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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pulling the linchpin

That sweetheart deal (to put it politely) between the Portland Development Commission and Trammell Crow for a condo tower on the old Police Headquarters property is on the rocks. It seems the deeper that Fireman Randy digs into the documentation on that stinker, the less interested PDC is in going through with it:

Leonard said Wednesday that both the negative appraisal and the affordable housing requirements were "complete shams." He said he would welcome a straightforward approach that clearly lays out the pros and cons of subsidizing the development. But he plans to keep pursuing a city audit of the deal and a separate appraisal.

"I'm not willing to just kiss it off at this point and say they've learned their lesson," Leonard said.

Memo to the PDC: Cave in to the construction workers' unions, and your troubles at City Hall will magically disappear.

Memo to Trammell Crow: Between the tax abatement for the Alexan, which bombed, and this, it appears you need some help with the City Council. Better give The Scone a call.

Memo to Fireman Randy: Go get 'em, man.

Comments (3)

Fireman Randy, I am glad you have seeked information on the Police Bureau block. I have to say again, please investigate Block 49 and 33 with PDC's and Homer valuations,and Amendment 8 associated with these two blocks in North Macadam.

While you're at it, the virtual-zero tax assessment for the Zidell property in SoWhat might be worth subjecting to a little daylight.

Would that shams and land scams were limited to only one project-or to only one institution. I think we're talking about (ig) noble Oregon tradtion here and decision making habits that aren't easily broken. Lots of people are behind you, RL, and anyone else who wants to start setting up some legitimate task forces to take on this stuff.

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