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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


My nephew's in town on business today, and we went out to lunch downtown together. I thought we'd get something special if we went to Pazzo. I was disappointed. Given the high regard in which I have held that kitchen, it was some pretty uninspired stuff, across three courses. And two of them were specials of the day! I won't be back there for lunch again any time soon. Meanwhile, I suspect he'll tell the folks back home that the food here is like the weather...

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Pazzo has never been regarded as a good spot for lunch - at least not by those of us who work downtown. Far nicer lunches can be had at Higgins, Heathman, or Blue Hour. Pazzo dinners are far superior to their lunches. They have the "A" team on at dinner time, but the lunch staff leaves something to be desired.

Wait a second, did you at least have decent wine? I thought Pazzo's used to have a good wine list before they did the remodel thing and then let Zach stay upstairs.

Many of "those of us who work downtown" eat at King Burrito, where we are graciously served by the don with 2.5 fingers on his right hand ...

Jeez...trying to impress you nephew at Pazzo for LUNCH?! You should have stayed on our side of the river. Acadia would have done for fancy/exotic, Esparzas would have done for World Class, and Chopstick Express would have done for darn good and cheap.

He was staying and working at a hotel downtown and didn't have time to go further than walking distance. Otherwise Esparza's would have been a great pick.

After I moved here from Houston, I tried Esparza's. The most expensive Tex-Mex I have ever had, and mediocre. Maybe I picked a bad day?

The restaurant I would take a visitor to: Bread and Ink Cafe. Not the best in town, but a great place to get the feel of Portland.

Good Italian is severely lacking in Portland, especially if you're looking for something in the $ or $$ category. The Monte Carlo was the closest thing to a post WWII Italian Diner, and Caro Amico is just a pretender (IMHO). Does anybody have a favority Italian restaurant that isn't too prissy/pricey?

For real Mexican food, you can't beat San Felipe's (just before the Eastmoreland Bridge, at 6221 SE Milwaukie). The best chile rellenos and fish tacos in Portland.

Many of "those of us who work downtown" eat at King Burrito, where we are graciously served by the don with 2.5 fingers on his right hand.

He's still there? God bless that bus. I spent many a lunch hour in line down there then up to the cafeteria in Big Pink for people watching.

Mmmmm.....King Wind.....

King Burrito, the guy in the white bus?

His tacos are incredible...shredded beef on warm, corn tortillas. And I remember the bean burrito as phenomenal.

I gotta git downtown...

Pazzo, ugh. The food there has always been spotty.

I stopped eating there after I was served shrimp that was so far gone, it reeked of ammonia.

When I'm downtown, I go to the all-local food court on SW 2nd, across from Jax, and eat at the Indian food place, which is better than the Indian food carts on 5th Ave. and some of the Indian food restaurants.

Of course, you can take a cab quickly to the east side, have a better meal and still save some money.

Mister T is right on Italian. I go to Gino's in Sellwood quite a bit, but the best things on the menu are the steaks. Portland has great Asian food, but compared to San Francisco or Seattle, we suck at Italian food.

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