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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Just another coincidence

Amazing that they finally get around to convicting and sentencing Saddam Hussein the weekend before the U.S. elections. Those puppet strings work well.

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And the nefarious scheduling of Cheney going hunting with his daughter Mary on election day.

Mary! Duck!

That's small potatoes, B!x. This is nefarious. And cynical. And yet another reason I'm voting Democrat all the way up and down my ballot on Tuesday.

The leftwing freakshow has to make up its mind. Is Bush a chimp barbeque jockey fratboy, or is he a masterful Machiavellian all-powerful puppet master, controlling all, with the world dancing on his fingertips? Pick a version and stick with it, little fellas.


How about the all-powerful puppet master controls the chimp too?

How about the all-powerful puppet master controls the chimp too?

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Yes, for a very low IQ (but not quite as low as John Kerry) serviceman and a poor student Yalie (again, not quite as poor grades as Kerry), Prez Bush does seem to be able to control world events almost as well as Reagan and the release of Carter's Iranian hostages.

For a dunce, Bush is almost as stupid as Reagan. Too bad Prez Clinton, who was a Rhodes scholar, won't have near the positive presidential legacy as Reagan or Bush.

Unless, you count the House impeachment proceedings, a stained blue dress and slightly used cigars, that is. What a waste that was.... all that Ivy League elitist academic knowledge in his bright head was overcome by the other.

Also nefarious.

roflmao.......and they paid Ramsey Clark to make a fool out of himself....and what of the falling price of oil? lower unemployment..rising stock prices..those tricky devils..

Goodbye, Zeb.

Where is Zeb going?

Somewhere other than here.

I warned him earlier this evening to stop overdoing his argumentative jerk act on multiple posts. He didn't seem to get that message.

Ah I see =)

I thought his first post in this thread was truthful and rather hilarious; just wanted to make sure it wasn't just for his activity in this thread.

So...Bush is controlling Saddam's trial too? Jeebus, for as much of dolt as everyone makes him out to be, he sure gets around.

I'll tell you what seemed the most like puppet strings. And that is the way gas prices have gone down. Do they always go down this much in the fall? I know that some kind of fall drop usually happens, and then a rise in spring/summer. But to this extent seems a bit much to believe.

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