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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hand over all the money in the drawer

...or I'll release the lactobacillus acidophilus.

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Could even have been bacillus bulgaricus. Except that, if it's Dannon, it's dead, killed by pasteurization.

"Back away from the bacteria and nobody gets hurt."

And weren't we all chatting about how smart some cops were just yesterday?

Yea, right.

Could have been worse. They could have just shot him and only then discovered.

"We had no choice but to kill him. He looked like he was packing kefir."

As health admin for the USPS in Reno, my husband was once consulted about suspicious liquids leaking from packages that were causing postal employees to grow faint and develop severe headaches. He instructed them to evacuate and call the fire department.

It turned out it was a leaky case of Snapple someone decided to mail. It took a little while for the employees to live *that* one down, esp. after the papers picked it up.

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