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Thursday, November 30, 2006

From a study group of one

I've always wondered whether George Bush (a.k.a. Chimpy McFlightsuit) ever admitted he was wrong, and if so, how he went about it. Apparently, he does so only when forced to by the people he works for, and even then he hides behind some pretext or other.

I've got a report for you, genius. The "mission" is "accomplished" -- tens of thousands are dead, Iraq is in civil war, civil liberties at home have been abused, and the world pretty much hates us. You're a failure. Can we bring our kids home alive now?

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[knocks on door]

Um, Mr. Bog...I'm coming over. I'm on your side as of yesterday. Proud to be a cut-and-runner. Okay if I come in?

There's no good ending to this. Iraq will be in a hellish Sunni vs. Shiite civil war about six seconds after we pull out--no matter how long we wait. Sunnis don't want us there. Shiites don't want us there. Most of the American public doesn't want us there. Delaying the inevitable isn't worth one more American life.

Bush lost the peace because he didn't know it needed to be won. And I'm through with this.

I support the troops. That's why I think it's time for this to end.

I'm loathe to utter the I-word above a whisper, but after reading this, I'm beginning to think we need to start openly advocating for it. This guy is truly a danger. Hopefully the Biden hearings are productive and don't devolve into kabuki. And baseball caps.

Me too. Out, now. Michael Moore isn't always right, but his letter this week is worth reading.

damn george, skip, damn george, skip, damn george, skip...somebody please move the needle.

100 dead per day in Baghdad, skip, 100 dead per day in Baghdad, skip.

No electricity or gas in Baghdad, skip, no electricity or gas in Baghdad, skip.

$200,000,000 down the Iraqi rathole a day, skip, $200,000,000 down the Iraqi rathole a day, skip.

Will someone please move the dang needle!

Will someone just blow the flaccid phony so we can get on with the impeachment?

Ron, why don't you move your browser to some other site? George Bush is a disaster, and anyone who would troll websites on his behalf is pitiful.

Amen, Mr. BoJack, amen!

And the best part is Chimpy's trying to raise HALF A BILLION dollars for his presidential museum, which should be located at "Sparky's Tavern", in Biloxi, Mississippi where Chimpy and his best friend in the whole world, self-confessed drug addict James Bath, drank themselves to sleep every single night, instead of defending the city from the fearsome Mexican Army.

Maybe Ronnie W. can donate his "two cents", since nobody else has.

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