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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Finally, some good national news

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears we have a Democratic U.S. House of Representatives. About dang time.

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It's raining Dems!

At tomorrow's BUsh press conference at 1:00 PM, he will announce that he's summarily changing the line of succession so that Pelosi isn't 2nd in line for the presidency.

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Jack 'good news' Bogdacia-licious,
now could you feed the hand you need to bite a bazooka blast below the waterline of Liars Larson's sinking fascist broadcasts, wherein he hides behind your populism so often -- bite now by you calling for a boycott of all KXL sponsors, a la rightwing talk radio and sponsors boycott of Air America. Good news is everywhere, after you trash the bad news LIARS.


ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklist

An internal ABC Radio Networks memo obtained by Media Matters for America, originally from a listener to The Peter B. Collins Show, indicates that nearly 100 ABC advertisers insist that their commercials be blacked out on Air America Radio affiliates. According to the memo, the advertisers insist that "NONE of their commercials air during AIR AMERICA programming." Among the advertisers listed are Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Federal Express, General Electric, McDonald's, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and the U.S. Navy.

The memo appears below ...

And here's a fun one -- they are blogging us in Ohio.
Reform Ohio Voting — anyone care to listen?
By Paul Revere -
Nov 7th, 2006 at 4:23 pm EST

I am in Oregon, the first and only state to vote exclusively by mail. It was sad to see people in Ohio in 2004 getting the shaft ...

Talent concedes in Missouri. That leaves Montana and Virginia.

MT and VA are going Dem too... pinch me.

I've got yer 'mandate' right here, Bush.

I predict an epidemic of "Impeach Cheney First" bumperstickers.

As tempting as it is going to be to rub the Chimp's nose in this, keep your eye on the real prize, the White House in '08. The blues really need to concentrate on that. I'm not seeing a winning presidential candidate in Hillary, Gore, Dean, or Kerry, and I would hope they could keep people like Ted Kennedy and Al Sharpton OFF THE STAGE, even tonight and tomorrow.

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So, what, a mass-murders war criminal shouldn't have 'his nose rubbed in it,' because we, uh, have more important things to aim for than equal justice under the law ???

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Looks like maybe Senate too. Great, finally some balance in Washington DC, the monkeys won't be able to do much damage any more. It's been a nightmarish 6 years.

The problem of course is that in the system that put such a heavy emphasis on presidency this will cause the country to be adrift for the next two years. Which is no good.

Bush probable won't care as long as he'll be able to ride his bike, get fed every day and have a chance to rub Condi's neck (oh, how sweetly she purrs !) when Laura ain't watching.

Bush would do this country a great service if he simply resigned and if new presidential elections could be called. An advance pardon for taking us to war in Iraq on false pretenses, would be a fair trade I think.

Hillary is rethinking because she doesn't poll well with Dems or Republicans (to the surprise of the 'liberal' media who just assume she's the only logical option). To anyone who pays attention, nobody is sure who annointed her Queen. She's just a name, so the media was drawn to her like a light.

Gore could win in a landslide at this point. You assume he's a loser because the 2000 was close, but Bush was running on a 'time to change Washington' theme after the Lewinsky fling. My, how 6 years and countless GOP f-ups restores a country's perspective...

The Dems have seen a (heartening) upheaval in its ranks, thanks to Dean and the power of the internet. Since the 1994 GOP house takeover, the party establishment has preached a conservative, triangulated approach to winning over voters. But we got tired of losing, simply because the party power structure played into the GOP spin. It was obvious to anyone except the D.C. Dems, who controlled the ads, messages, and party money. Now there are fresh faces communicating the party ideals, not just to the choir, but in traditionally Red voting districts. Notice no one is paying attention to races in the West or NE? The big Dem pick-ups are in the South, Midwest, and Mountain West. You can thank Howard Dean and the bloggers...

Gore could win in a landslide at this point

Oh sure, and with Lieberman on the ticket again?

I just gotta wonder how many Dems in the red zone pulled it out not by showing "party ideals" but by not looking so Blue?

Dems in power. Watch your wallets. The most interesting aspect of these election results will be if the Republicans can match the acerbic not stop whining of the Democrats.

Hey Gil... newsflash buddy. The Dems don't need to raise your taxes. There's plenty of money in the bloated defense budget that Republicans created. Maybe now Bush's 'No Child Left Behind' initiative can get the funding it lacked...

What other lame talking points do you have to throw against the wall?

One word sums up the next two years: gridlock.


What makes you think the Dems ran on GOP stances? Based on what, the right's spin?

Polls consistently show widespread support for traditionally Dem initiatives/priorities, though the media is always loathe to report it. Healthcare, protecting domestic jobs/wages, consumer protections, education funding, etc... and when you add that to Americans' disgust for GOP politics and the Iraq occupation, you get what we had yesterday.

As I stated in another thread, it's absurd to say Dems are running on GOP stances just because they want to talk about national security, terrorism and fiscal restraint. The Republicans have botched all three for YEARS, and there's nothing beyond conjecture to say Dems are worse. The evidence is there, and it runs contrary to everything the pundits have spewed for years.

Hey TKrueg. I think you have made my point. As shown by your contentious partisan comments, the Republicans will have a long way to go to match the caustic rhetoric of the Democrats. Keep up the good work as well as your scathing opinions. I enjoy the show.

Gridlock, because Bush might refuse to sign bills that breezed through the House and Senate?? Er...OK.

Gil... my comments are 'caustic'? Because I deal in specifics and you don't?

Your answer is typical of every righty who can't discuss anything beyond talking points... God forbid you start defending your opinion with something more than that.

I mean, you didn't even try before you started pissing your pants. You make it too easy...

TK, Dems have a slight edge in the house and the Senate is still up in the air.

You're delusional to think bills will just "breeze through" congress.


The Dems are likely to pick up the MT and VA senate seats. Regardless, why would there be more gridlock than in other years when congress and the executive were ruled by different parties?

It's looking like gridlock to the GOP, because their pet projects are stuck in limbo. Other than that, it's pure pundit conjecture.

One word sums up the next two years: gridlock.

With the Chimp in the White House, that would be major progress.

Dems in power. Watch your wallets.

As opposed to Repubs in power, they'll watch your every move.

"it's absurd to say Dems are running on GOP stances just because they want to talk about national security, terrorism and fiscal restraint."

Or to put it another way, the GOP screwed up so badly on national security and fiscal restraint in the last six years that even the Democrats were appalled.

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