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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Big weekend

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You know, my grandparents used to tell me at Thanksgiving that if I'd eat my beets, it would put hair on my chest. I wonder what's caused Emily's sudden sprout of chest hair. And Seinfeldian man hands.

Okay, she's got lunch covered, but what's she going to have for dinner?

The photo is consistent with her style....she's obviously proficient at "getting her buck(s)" Her first hunting trip, while not at gunpoint, was still robbery. And now, Bambi....how cruel!

"Look out for the deer, dear!"

I smiled at Jack's photo. I laughed out loud at Bill's comment. Thanks, guys.

Bill McDonald: ditto Amanda. You made me run coffee through my nose.

You made me run coffee through my nose.

In which direction?

"The buck stops with me!" She got that part right.

Everyone not smart enough to steal 6-digits of money from PDX, raise your hands....

The doe eyes get them every time.

I couldn't take my eyes off the rack on that one.

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