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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Apple view, continued

In keeping with these two posts about Portland mentions in The New York Times this week, here's another one: a story in Monday's special "Giving" section about the North by Northeast Community Health Center, and its founders, Dr. Jill Ginsberg and the Rev. Mary Overstreet Smith of the Powerhouse Temple Church. Nice going.

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THIS is the real deal. THIS is what makes a difference in a real time situation. The powerful impulse of the beautiful creative nature of the true humnan spirit is in this. Just words, I know,...I am inpired...and I am humbled...

Written by Portland journalist Judy Berck.

Human...not humnan...Inspired...not inpired...sorry I need to wear my glasses when I type. Geez...

Hey, understandable, you were inspired!

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