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Saturday, November 11, 2006

All in

We hosted the regular poker game tonight. The full Magnificent Seven were on hand for a great time. Somehow I lost 22 bucks, but that's the least important feature of the whole confab. I had my family and friends together. The soundtrack was supplied from an old friend of 30 years ago, whom none of tonight's guests had ever met, and it was a big hit. Most of the food we enjoyed came courtesy of my beautiful bride, including one of her family's monster recipes, Cousin Debbie's lasagna. The guys brought all kinds of fabulous wines, beers, cigars, desserts, and other stuff. My children sat in on the dinner festivities.

Let me tell you, I am such a rich man.

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The fact that you recognize that you are a "rich man" makes you even more so! What a great, inspiring attitude toward life!

With the people I have around me, any fool could see it.

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