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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Sacre bleu!

France just eliminated Brazil from the World Cup. And so the first rule of World Cup soccer has already been fulfilled: When the Cup is held in Europe, a European team will win. All four teams left in this year's event are from that continent.

There's chaos in our prediction pool, no doubt. Time to get over there and try to sort things out.

UPDATE, 2:21 p.m.: Mathematically, I have a shot at winning the pool! But France will have to beat Portugal. Based on what I just saw, I'm optimistic. Vive la France! (Now that will get this site some traffic from the NSA, eh?)

Comments (10)

Chaos is right. My Brazil-Portugal final is terminado.

Ah, but you're still a frontrunner.

A France-Germany final would have plenty of pathos.

Put away "Girl from Ipanema." Tonight, it's fado music!

Tough day for the British fans. I just hope it doesn't drive them to drink.
Although I touted Wayne Rooney during this tournament based on being a Manchester United fan, I was extremely unimpressed with his behavior today. Let's hope the other player can adopt children.
However, I also mentioned Christiano Renoldo as an impact player from Portugal so that worked out.
I thought Brazil waited too long to put in Robinho today, but France won a lot of fans with their play. As far as the French people are concerned Zidane is amost as big a hero as Jerry Lewis.

It's VivA la France! One awesome win, mais oui?

And while I've NEVER seen a picture of Jerry Lewis ANYWHERE in all my trips to France, Bill...George Bush's picture is everywhere in the good ol' USA. (Want to see something really scary? Walk into a VA hospital in Florida and there's George's picture next to his hapless brother's. Talk about BIG BROTHERS looking over you.)

But...non! I won't be distracted from this awesome win.

Up next...Germany! Good thing there's no historic baggage THERE...

France has got to get past Portugal to get to a showdown with Germany.

A Brazil-Portugal matchup would have had some pathos as well...

Portugal...bah! England might have given France some competition, but with Beckham gone, Potugal got a break, and is advancing on luck.

Now Germany...they're scary. Let's get real here, the French have never been great at fighting on German soil. (And I say that as a Francophile...my Polish roots and French name earned by some distant relative's desertion from Napolean's assault on Russia.)

I still predict the French will take the whole shebang, but Portugal? Une petite annoyance and temporary distraction at best. C'est vrai? C'est vrai!

A French-German final would be a bonanza for comedy writers, although Leno's off next week so what do I care. But I've been wondering how far you should go with historical references? A comedy friend pointed out that if Germany had lost to Argentina they would have had to flee to Argentina. Does saddling the German team with a bunch of Nazi jokes, violate good taste or is it a comedic way of never forgetting? Would it be wrong to say the German goalie had a bunker mentality? Or if a French player had an own goal against Germany would he be accused of being a collaborateur? Where's the line here?

Where's the line here?

I believe that would be the Maginot Line?

We took a long Sunday drive in the country today -- a drop-dead beautiful Oregon Sunday and we saw Llamas and vineyards and great small towns and we drank wine and talked with many interesting folks and we marveled at a small town that still has a municipal swimming pool and tennis courts and -- obviously newer, a skateboard park.

We were winding around some mountain road, not sure if we knew where we were going and not quite caring, when Frank told me about posting the above.

I laughed, some might quibble, immoderately at that.

Then I felt bad about laughing.

I get what you're asking about, Bill. The humor "line" is tough on this one.

I’m tempted to say f**k ‘em if they can’t take a joke. But as a mother of boys the Maginot line is for me a tragic, heart-rending historical lesson that I pray will not be repeated in my life, with my boys. But, I laughed. And, I know Frank understands every shade of every boy lost in those trenches, when he tells the joke. So, I guess the answer is - what is the capacity of your audience to understand and appreciate the blackest of black humor?

If they are not there, this may not be the time for it.

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