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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Fourth of July weekend procedures

Hard to believe it's here already, but the annual drill is as follows:

1. Stay off highways.

2. Listen to Waterfront Blues Festival on KBOO all weekend.

3. Trim neighbor's arbor vitae hedge that borders our driveway.

4. Watch neighborhood fireworks from upstairs windows.

Comments (3)

interesting that you have #3. an arbor vitae row at the neighbors went up in flames yesterday early morning. now i have fears about the unkempt alleyway.

hmmmm. weed eatin' time. happy 4th

As a character on the Simpsons once put it, what can be a better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than to blow up a small piece of it?

Sure, Oregon has banned all the fun fireworks but they can still be found with a quick jump over the river to Vancouver. And all the old classics? Cherry bombs? M-80s? Cardboard missiles that may or may not pack the same punch as a bazooka rocket? All on the reservation up the 101.

Ahhh, it really is the wonderful time of the year...provided one doesn't get caught by overzealous authorities or severely burned.

Every Fourth of July, I:

1. Read the Declaration of Independence, then think about what it would be like if citizens of Pacific Northwest took Jefferson's advice and seceded. At least how I interpet them.

2.Re-enter the real world.

3. Sing 'This Land is Your Land' in the spirit Woody intended (http://xroads.virginia.edu/~1930s/RADIO/woody/bigthisland.gif).

This year, I'm going to do something many may consider even more treasonous than tranforming the former Oregon Territory into the Oregon Republic. I'm going to Pioneer Courthouse Square to watch a couple teams from Europe play soccer on a big screen at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

(""I think it is important for all those young out there, who someday hope to play real football, where you throw it and kick it and run with it and put it in your hands, a distinction should be made that football is democratic, capitalism, whereas soccer is a European socialist sport."

- Jack Kemp, on the floor of the U.S. House in 1986, speaking against a congressional resolution in support of the United States hosting a future World Cup.)

Until I reached my teens, every year my extended family entered a float in the Mollala Buckeroo Fourth of July parade, which was followed by a huge BBQ at my grandparent's farm outside of Mt. Angel. Grammy always made the best Boysenberry cobbler. At dusk we would go into town to watch the fireworks. Some of my most vivid and happy childhood memories are those Fouth of Julys in the 70s.

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