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Thursday, June 22, 2006

V-E Day?

This is it -- some big contests in World Cup "football" today. In the morning, the USA, Ghana, and the Czech Republic all jockey for a single seat in the upcoming round of 16 (or "Stage 2," as it's officially known). Two of those three will likely be playing their last World Cup matches at 7 a.m. -- we just don't know which two. (There's a small possibility that two of those three could advance, with Italy dropping out, but to me that seems highly unlikely.)

At noon, Australia and Croatia battle it out, with Croatia needing a win to pass the Aussies for a round of 16 berth. There's even a chance that Japan could steal it from either of them, but alas, Japan will be meeting Brazil, who are already sure to advance out of that group, and overdue for a blowout to boot.

Eight teams have already been eliminated, and eight are already on their way to the next round. By 2:00 this afternoon, there will be a dozen of each. On Friday, the last four dropouts and last four advancers are determined, and then a famliar single-elimination tournament format promptly takes over. We'll have a little pool on this blog after the last Friday match (entries due Saturday morning at 10) to see who can best predict the outcomes of the 16 matches then remaining. Can somebody suggest a suitable, modest, prize?

For now, though, it's go USA, go Italy!

UPDATE, 2:42 a.m.: BTW, beerdrinker is in Germany, taking in the Cup festivities and no doubt living up to his internet moniker! Prost!

Comments (7)

yeah, we need a US win and an italy win to go on (with some unlikely chances involving a tie and goal differential). But a Ghana win will knock out a loser in Czech/Italy.

I watched the US v Italy game at a Fan Fest in Cologne...outnumbered some 10000 Italy fans to 20 US fans, but we hollered and yelled. Mostly U-S-A and the America...F%$k yeah song from Team America. Otherwise neutral fans complained that the US doesn't have any songs to sing.

For a prize, how about a pint with Jack Bog himself?

What a horrible, horrible call at the end of the half! That makes two Ghana dives for penalties, one resulting in a GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL! Awful.

Unfortunately the USA Team came down with Ghanarrhea.

One goal in three matches (Italy's own goal doesn't count). Way to show up, USA.

USA Soccer has been pointing to 2010 as "the year" for a decade now. With zero offense, it's difficult to see how that's going to happen.

Why didn't Donovan shoot? You have to know the play I'm talking about where he elected to pass the ball to a covered defensemen when he himself had a clear shot. And, except for the good cross to Dempsey, Beasley played timid, sloppy, and uninspired.

I was not impressed with Beasley in any of their games. Don't bring him next year.

Hmm. I think Argentina is the obvious choice to win it all, but what about Germany and Brazil? Hmmm.

Err...next Cup. I wish it were every year!

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