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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If I were Paul Allen...

... I wouldn't have a blog. And I wouldn't be picking a new player from the no. 4 spot in the pro basketball draft this afternoon, because I never would have let the Blazers sink to where they've fallen. But if I were doing the picking, I would go with these four -- the top one who's still available:

1. LaMarcus Aldridge.
2. Andrea Bargnani.
3. Brandon Roy.
4. Rudy Gay.

The one bonehead thing I would not do is trade a quality player (like Jarrett Jack) to move up in the selection process. Nobody in this draft is worth that. As for the 'Stache, I think he's the next Mike Dunleavy Jr. Let Golden State (or somebody like that) have him. Plus, he won't be happy in Portland. You want to see him cry? Have him go through an NBA season with Darius Miles next to him on the bench.

Go for size, if it's there, because you'll never be playing basketball in June behind our current pistol-packin', pot-jonesed, street-racin' power forward. Never.

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Bill McD, forgive me, but the Stache and the Jail Blazers are not a good match.

Agreed - I think Adam is more like Keith VanHorn/Kyle Korver. A guy with an outside shot (which they need - hell, they need every position outside of SG), but no inside game at all.

They really need an option to make Zach expendable, preferably someone familiar with the concept of team defense. I'd trade the pick for a player if I could, but then Aldridge if not.

The Blazers historically have traded for their big men, power forwards in particular. The league has changed. It's about getting up and down the floor and getting the ball in the air. Neither Aldridge or Bargnani (*shudder*) are gonna give the Blazers speed. The answer is Brandon Roy. Stick him in the backcourt with Jack and Webster, and get the heck out of the way.

Option 2: Rudy Gay.
Option 3: Morrison.

Adam Morrision: No inside game at all? I bet he'll be able to post up in the NBA. Plus the deep threat will keep teams from clogging the paint. Defense could be a liability, but why not get someone who can shoot? Plus he has a feisty attitude. Oh well, the draft befuddles the experts so I have no problem being wrong. For every Larry Nance there is a Jeff Lamp.
We'll never do any worse than the time we lost the coin flip for Akeem, then had to pay something like 250 grand for a violation associated with the coin flip, then picked Sam Bowie, who - as I remember it - once broke his leg shooting in warm-ups.

Easy on Sam Bowie. He was the correct pick. AND the Blazers managed to turn him into Buck Williams, so all was not lost. Sam would make a great addition to what's left of the Terry Porter group.

Had Communism fallen a couple of years earlier, we'd be talking about Clyde's Blazers as the greatest ever instead of Jordan's Bulls. And Rick Adelmann would be Col. Sanders instead of helping out at Lincoln High School this season.

Agree with your top 4, I do think Rudy Gay work ethic is a huge question it reminds me of Miles work ethic. Portland better just stay away from Tyrus Thomas.

I have nothing against Sam Bowie and I remember the strategy of getting the best available big man, but Sam had already shown a propensity for breaking a leg at Kentucky, as I remember.
If you want to talk about regrets, how about unloading Moses Malone back in the Walton years when the cap wasn't an issue? That would have been quite a tandem. Of course, it worked out pretty well, anyway.
As with all sports-related issues, I go on memory and could be wrong.

Easy on Sam Bowie. He was the correct pick.

The Blazers were so single-mindedly obsessed with recapturing the Bill Walton era that after the Olajuwon pick fell through they glommed onto the idea that maybe Bowie could play that role for Dr. Jack, kinda sorta more or less, so they proceeded to overlook the greatest player of all time. Bowie was NEVER the right pick over Jordan. Not then. Not ever. For crimany sakes, Bowie lost 2 years in college because of leg injuries. Everybody who knew anything knew he was damaged goods.

And knowledgable basketball observers skewered the Blazers even back then for this selection. Now it's just looked back upon and pretty much universally regarded as the worst draft pick in NBA history. Oddly, the only one that competes with for that honor it is the 1972 LaRue Martin selection as the No. 1 overall draft pick in the entire draft, also courtesy of the Blazers.

Oh I love the lazy white on white comparisons...Korver, Van Horn, heck you might as well throw in Naismith.

The next Dunleavy Jr? You are qualified in what way to make this assessment?

You are right. Portland will probably be too stupid to draft Morrison. I will be sure to visit your blog when he is putting up 20ppg in Charlotte and Brandon Roy is averaging 5.5 ppg here in PDX.

Your opinion is nonsense. The next Dunleavy? I know one thing, you ain't the next Steven A. Smith.

Aldridge is the only good pick and he will get picked before the Blazers have a chance at him. Barbani could be another Pau Gasol or not much more than another Darko. Rudy Gay--we don't need another guy who an athlete with potential, we need a basketball player. Brandon Roy is a good pick, but there is that dilemma, Portland needs big guys, not guards.

Morrison reminds me more of taller version of Chris Mullen, the ultimate gym rat who had tons of tricky shots and moves. Doubt if he would mesh well with McMillan's hard nosed defensive orientation. Send him to Sacramento.

We needeth no more guards, although I think both Roy and Gay will be good NBA players reasonably quickly.

Too bad Aldrige will be long gone. Too bad we gave Pla-Z-Bo an $87 million extension.

We needeth no more guards

We do if we want to get somewhere, because your namesake, Bassy "it's my girlfriend's loaded gun we didn't know where it was we thought maybe our infant was playing with it" Telfair ain't part of a winning future around here, either. Unload while still possible -- it won't be after another season.

you ain't the next Steven A. Smith

Thank goodness.

I got news for ya, man. Larry Bird retired. It ain't gonna happen again any time soon.

Interesting to see the crazies come out after a link is posted on O-Live's Blazer Blog. I can't WAIT until they give us comments next month.

We welcome the crazies! And if they're Gonzaga fans, we are especially tolerant. They need our understanding, now more than ever.


Morrison is no Larry Bird. He's no Michael Dunleavy either. A better comparison may be Luke Jackson.

Oh goodness, I just realized. If the Blazers pick Morrison, it'll be a big 'ol Gonzaga reunion this season. Send Blake South for Turiaf and we'll REALLY be on to something!

Just what we need.

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