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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

He promised to exalt us, but low is the way

Here's another guy I'll miss. I'm proud to say I was there when he did this:

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Same guys, 30 years later.

Thanks. A very cool way to remember him here.

Do you have a Blues Breakers album with John Mayal and Eric Clapton?
Now there'e some music.

I long ago used to jam with friend and picked up some of it.

Now I'm old and never play.

Hey that could be a new blues song title.

Bill, do you play blues?

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton was the best album ever. I wore out two or three of them.

Hey, Jack!
Very nice tribute. I didn't get to "the Concert", but in June of 2001 Matty & I went to see Clapton at the Garden. We took the kids (Dan was 18 and Charlotte was 16). When they introduced Billy Preston on keyboards, I freaked out along with everyone else. My kids understood why within a very short time. Life is too short...I'm glad I witnessed his genius live.

No comment, just go buy BB, live at the Regal. Trust me.


The above was pointed at the "best album ever" comment.
Not at Billy.
He was awesome.
nuff said.

yeah that's what I'm talking about

That is a great album and I haven't hear it in years.

I want a cd version

someone send me one

and someone else invite me to jam

Lister let's do it

call me

Whenever I access your blog the youtube video starts playing the video without me doing anything to start the video. Not this is bad or anything. I really enjoyed it. I like the music better than the video. I had forgotten just how good Billy Preston's music is. Billy maybe gone and his music lives on. Thanks for making me remember.

It should not be doing that. It is set to come on only if one clicks the "play" button. At least when I use Internet Explorer, it works that way. Just for my information, which browser are you using?

It's doing it for me in Firefox. I figured you were doing it to let City employees know when someone across the hall was accessing the blog.

I'm using firefox and it's autoplaying for me as well. Other sites I go to use youtube and it doesn't autoplay for me so it must be your settings.

I was using a different service, but I've now switched to the YouTube version. I hope that stops the autoplay problem.

The page loads much faster now too. Thanks!

Jack, I remember brother Gary going to the concert with Poncho. Didn't know you went also!

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