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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Get involved

If you're up late on Friday night or early Saturday morning, there's still time to get in our World Cup soccer pool, here. The deadline is 8:00 a.m. PDT. We've got more than 20 entrants on board so far, and there's room for more. One player chose the winners alphabetically -- not an entirely implausible system, but it gives Australia quite an advantage. They can beat anybody but Argentina!

In Saturday's action, every single one of our players has picked Germany to beat Sweden in the 8 a.m. game. A few of us are picking the German side to go all the way, and so a Sweden win would be crushing.

The noon ga -- er, match -- Argentina vs. Mexico, isn't perceived as such a sure thing. Four brave souls in the group have Mexico taking that one.

I'm compiling all the entries in an Excel spreadsheet, which I hope will make my scoring duties easier. Here's what I've got so far. If you've entered the pool, please check to see that I got your selections and tiebreakers right, and e-mail me if you see anything amiss.

UPDATE, 1:00 a.m.: We just received an entry that picks Sweden over Germany in the morning. It came in before this post went up, and so it wasn't influenced by knowing what our others players said. Indeed, I'm not sure what is was influenced by.

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Jack, just as a side note we need more pictures of Lily while she is still so cute to cheer us up.

Ralph is cute, too.

I'm two points (2-2) after two days, four games and several pints of Smithwicks at the Moon and Sixpence.

My heart picked Mexico to win this weekend. My head picked the Dutch. Both were wrong.

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