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Monday, June 12, 2006

Foot bawl

Well, that was terrible. On a brighter note, the upcoming U.S. match against Ghana will be interesting to watch. Two decent squads, but outmanned.

The noon match tomorrow gives us Ronaldinho. I'm told that this promises to be one of the better first-round contests.

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To je velikansky skoda!

Too bad for the Americans, but many in the slavic community are drinking their pivo tonight!

Pilsner and Ceske Budovice are real towns with real beer.

It's "Pilsen," isn't it? And since Portland is one of America's soccer capitals, don't knock our beer situation.

I wish that ABC would pick up the games instead of showing informercials in the middle of the day. I don't get ESPN :(. Reduced to watching highlights on the FIFA site.

You could go to any one of about 100 pubs, restaurants or cafes, Silver Fox.

Jack, you should see old down neck during the Brazil matches, it would make you long for the sandlots and baseball, although I am still trying to figure where the sandlots were!

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