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Monday, June 5, 2006

A time to weep

And while we ponder Travis, we read this.

It's really beyond words. God help the Scherzinger family.

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Heartbreaking and shocking. I don't know Jim personally, but as the parent of two PPS kids (now 10 & 13), I always thought he did an honorable job steering the interim helm of the District, often as the unfortunate messenger of bad news but always with grace. It just goes to show that no matter what we as parents try to do to foresee and prevent all manner of harm that could come to our children, sometimes it's just out of our hands. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Scherzinger family.

I met Jim Scherzinger at a holiday party 5 or 6 years ago. I'm sure Christopher was there (there were a dozen kids cruising around); I don't remember if we met. I enjoyed speaking with Jim and he indulged my questions about PPS, despite the fact we were standing in the kitchen at a holiday party.

The next time I saw Jim was on KATU news (yesterday). I was amazed by the strength he displayed in discussing this tragic accident with a reporter, despite the palpable sense of loss.

His closing words were (paraphrasing): when you get home tonight, give your Christopher a hug, because you never know...

My heart goes out to the Scherzinger family, and all the Boy Scouts and chaperones on the hike. Words do not convey the depth of emotion and sympathy that we feel for your loss. I hope you will find the courage and faith to carry on.

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