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Monday, April 24, 2006

He will be missed

Word has reached us that Sid Lezak, ace mediator, former long-time U.S. attorney for Oregon, and one of Portland's great civic assets, has died. Apparently he had some sort of rapidly developing neurological disorder.

Sid even commented on this blog a time or two. He was a great man, and we are very much the poorer without him.

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Jack, this is one issue on which you and I can be in complete agreement. I had the pleasure of working with Sid on a City Club project and he was a true gentleman and an outstanding citizen. I was deeply saddened to hear earlier today that he was gone. He will be missed.

Jack, Sid was my grandfather, so I was fairly startled to find his picture on your blog. It makes sense, though: Living in Portland for the past year, I've found that he knew pretty much every lawyer in the city (hell, it sometime seemed he knew pretty much every person in the city). Thanks for posting this.


My condolences to his family and friends.

The Oregonian story (for now, of course) is here.

Also see here for an article by Jay Folberg, Memories of Sid Lezak. Mediate.com recently interviewed Sid. The hourlong interview is here.

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