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Friday, June 24, 2005

The best part

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That game was really weird, like SA just re-discovered how to defend DET? Sheed was not having a bad night %-wise, the plays were just not running to him unless he was on the perimeter.

BTW, I hope Larry Brown ends up OK. Heck, I would love to see him stay with one team for more than two seasons. Its nice to see a coach who knows how to coach as opposed to follwing orders from the owner/GM.

This has nothing to do with the basketball game...but I was so angry I wanted to share it with bloggers that I read. Here is the link to a part of "Dr. Cruise's" interview with Matt Laurer.


Yes, Sheed's % was decent but his single rebound really stands out. He did almost bring the Pistons back into the game with that big baseline 3-point shot near the end. But, as usual, 'Sheed lives by the 3 and dies by the 3 as he hurked up a really bad 3-point shot moments later.

True. 'Sheed's rebounding was poor for a guy of his size. But the other guys on the team who normally contribute more points had a pretty weak night.

I credit SA's staunch D, Manu Ginobili's crafty play and 23 points, and their big guy, what's his name, Duncan?

Seriously Jack, your attempt to bag on 'Sheed did not work with me. The dude helped Detroit win a title last year, and this year they almost got it done again. His teammates love him; he's obviously a motivator. Yeah he's got issues, but so do the majority of big time ballers.

I think 'Sheed had a rough time in Portland because the lockerroom was filled with knuckleheads for the majority of time he was here. Now he's surrounded by a much more stable team, that plays unselfishly, and they are successful.

Then again, maybe Larry Brown is a better babysitter than either Mo Cheeks or Mike Dunleavy.

No, the story with "Ra" was that he got himself in foul trouble through stupid play and only was in the game for 20 minutes. He sat out the whole third quarter, making faces and talking to the referees from the bench. What a knucklehead.

Oh, and once again he was in the wrong place on defense a couple of times at the end.

He did win Game 6 for them, but he lost 5 and 7. If Larry Brown comes back, he should look into letting "Ra" take his Portland tattoo elsewhere.

Brown has been incurably peripatetic his entire coaching career, often inexplicably walking away from good situations, from pro to college, and back again. The only comparable coach I know of is Dennis Erickson. Except Erickson chooses his pro gigs poorly and ends up getting himself fired from them. I don't think Brown has ever been fired, has he?

Yeah, I know, they love him now, but I say before all is said and done, things will not remain so cozy between Detroit and Rasheed. He has charisma, and that's why his teammates love him --they loved him in Portland too-- but he doesn't use that charisma for anything constructive. Instead it's a slow growing cancer.
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