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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oldie but goodie

I didn't catch on to Chris Snethen's excellent "Portland-area" blog (heh heh, he's in the 'Couv at the moment) until last November. But in a fine post this morning, he points to this entry from April 2004, which is also definitely worth a read. Tell it, Butterbean!

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Don't forget to put quotes around "blog" too... The O-live's "blogs" don't have comments enabled. Without comments, they're just diaries.

The Couv is but a temporary exile. As Commissioner Leonard says, the thing about moving to Vancouver is you have to live in Vancouver. Lesson learned.

Thanks for the shout-out. :)

This American Life did an awesome story on this same topic on May 6. If you've got speakers, check it out. It starts a couple minutes into the show, and runs about 33 minutes. Absolutely riveting.


Act One. Froggy Goes A-Courtin'. The story of a series of misunderstandings with very dire consequences. Shaheen was stopped by the police, who looked at what was in his car and before Shaheen knew it, he'd come to the attention of some of the highest ranking officials in the Defense Department. Gabrielle Galanek talked to Shaheen and his girlfriend Molly about what happened. (33 minutes)

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