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Thursday, June 16, 2005

In our referral log

Can anybody tell us what the heck this is?

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It appears to be a graphic representation of the links and/or pings from your blog. Hover over the blue dots and a url will appear. Perhaps the abcissa is time.

It looks like a comparison of what you get searching on Google vs. what you get searching on Yahoo. Fascinatin'. But who ran my blog through it, and how do I go about running other searches through?

And how long before Google and/or Yahoo have their lawyers give the owner of the new toy (someone in Germany, it seems) a call?

Hey, just fill in the text box. This will keep me entertained for minutes!

Jack, you seem to be right - to run your own searches, just punch 'em into the search box...

Of course! Now I see it.

Jack is sitting there right now looking for more connections in the Goldschmidt Web.

Bored programmer. That's what it is. For an equally bored audience. If you want a technological distraction then go look at touchgraph; unfortunately the java code does not work right in FireFox instead of IE.

Ron, that thing is creepy, especially when the blog boxes start moving around.

Creepy like poking a stick at an octopus? Do you just tap it or do you use two hands on the stick to make the whole thing move?

I think the concept of graphic display of major links between lots of folks was developed by spooks that have too much eavesdropping data to sift through.

Is it creepy that the spooks might try to make heads or tails out of a wild creature called a blogger? The smoke screen of randomness will prove too much of an obstacle.


So what's the PDC connection?

No creepy PDC connection.

Unless of course in a brave new world where public servants and public beneficiaries had to wear wires that recorded all their comings and goings and posted the same in real time to the internet. Then analyzing this new data set would give anyone an endless headache.

Just plug in URL's like IMDB.com for movies or rollingstone.com for other stuff and see what other people find important.

There are plenty of non internet based distractions, too, like hiking.

It's just a little program over at langreiter.com that runs a phrase or word through Google and Yahoo at the same time.

If you want to do searches on the program just go to


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