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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Game 7

I know I've sworn off the NBA on this blog a few times, but I still watch some of it. And tonight's a major to-do. It's down to one game to see who are the NBA champs. If you don't follow pro hoops, it's the Detroit Pistons against the San Antonio Spurs. I was glad to see these two teams make the finals; they seemed to deserve it the most. And the six games they've played against each other so far have been quite interesting from a basketball fan's point of view.

I've decided that I'm rooting for the Spurs tonight. I like their organization and personnel. Plus the style of game that they've been trying to play is much more fun to watch than Detroit's. But Detroit is also playing a team brand of ball (including "Ra," who's cleaned up his insane act somewhat), and their coach, Larry Brown, is one of my favorite public figures on earth. So either outcome would be acceptable.

BTW, don't tell me who won until the morning. I plan to use the Tivo-like device on my Comcast system and play the whole thing back late tonight. Skipping the commercials and the "analysts," and focusing just on the game, you can actually catch an entire playoff game in under 90 minutes. I've seen all six of the finals games this way, and it's the only way to watch events such as this. If any part of the hype looks interesting as it flashes by (Stevie Wonder playing the national anthem on harmonica last week in Detroit, for exmaple), you just rewind and watch it. Plus, instant replay any old time, at your command.

Go Spurs.

Comments (2)

Did you rewind to watch Kid Rock sing "America the Beautiful?"

I like your tivo idea and I think I may try that tonight.

Just be sure to keep all radio and TV off (and be careful which websites you look at) until you watch the recording. No doubt the identity of the winner will be "breaking news" around 8:30.

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