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Sunday, January 23, 2005

One of a kind

Of all the people who have appeared on television in my lifetime, none have supplied more entertainment to me than Johnny Carson. We've missed him ever since his retirement, and we'll miss him some more now. We truly loved him.

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Just yesterday morning I was sitting around the breakfast table talking about Johnny Carson with everybody.
Then I catch the news last night...
Johnny was a class act. When I was a kid my dad would let me stay up late during summer break and we'd watch the show together.
My dad never cared much for TV, but he loved the tonight show. If you could spend quality time watching TV with somebody, that was it.
I wound up playing trumpet in the middle school band. One of the songs we played was the theme from the Tonight Show.
It was one of my favorites then and it still is.
I still hum the opening bars to myself whenever I'm about to get up in front of people or walk into court or whatever for some inspiration.
He'll be missed...

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