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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Congratulations, Dan Zanes!

Dan Zanes, who makes the coolest "family music" you've ever heard, has been nominated for a Grammy award for his album "House Party." I blogged here a while ago about how much we love Dan's music at our house. We still feel the same way.

Dan wrote his fans an e-mail message today that said in part:

i received some wild news today. our house party cd has been nominated for a grammy award. it feels great to think that friends gathering in a basement with their voices and instruments, old and new songs, and a 25 year old reel to reel tape player, can, with a tremendous amount of support and encouragement and help, get to this point. i really appreciate that you have all been a part of the fun and music so far.

The guy's a sweetheart.

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