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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Fish kill

KGW just called it for Sam Adams. If they're right, it's too bad. Homer Williams will still call the shots at Portland City Hall. Look for more high-rise, and high-priced, monstrosities out of that crowd.

I knew Nick Fish had squandered his primary lead. Whoever ran his general election campaign should be tarred and feathered.

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What I don't understand is that the city overwhelmingly voted for an "outsider" in the mayoral race, which suggests that the city wanted new blood. Yet, here they go for the old blood...in fact, this blood is the same blood that they wanted to change in the mayor's office. at least it seems that way to me.

Jack--I am grateful for your support during this race, but I respectfully disagree with your comments.

I am proud of the campaign we ran. We raised the money necessary to talk to voters when it counted (in print, on tv and radio); we earned more than our fair share of endorsements; we energized hundreds of volunteers; we ran a positive campaign; and we gave voters a real choice.

While I am disappointed with the outcome,my team, including my campaign manager, did a great job. Sam simply deserves credit for winning more of the new voters who came out to oppose Bush than we did.

And I think you make too much of my "primary lead." Sam and I were tied three weeks out in the primary; ditto in the general election. Roughly half the voters were "undecided" at the head of the stretch each time. We caught a wave in round #1; Sam caught another wave in round #2.


Nick "feet of clay" Fish

Ah, Nick, it's just rotten news. Of all the things I'm sad about today, your defeat is right up there. Somehow Potter-Adams does not say "change" to me. It says "way more Erik."

Somehow, after the primary, I managed to miss just about everything you guys did. I heard one radio ad, saw zero TV. I know you did all that stuff, but you didn't reach me with any of it, and I have the radio and TV going a lot. Read the Big 3 local papers, too.

And I think you really under-estimated the lawn sign thing. To me, that was Sam's margin of victory. But what do I know?

You have a right to be proud of the race you ran, and the guy you are. I wish you and your family the best of luck, and I hope I'll get a chance to vote for you again.

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