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Monday, November 8, 2004

Exactly four years ago this hour

Me: Honey, are you asleep? You won't believe it! Bush won, then Gore won, then Bush won again!

She: My labor just started.

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If it was a boy, you could have named him Chad.

G-r-o-a-n. (chuckle)


One thing I fear, more than (almost) anything, is that the Cowboy will go down in history… an edited history, that is… of being a great unifier and an excellent Commander in Chief. For some reason or other this thought bugged me to no end. I started dreaming of my great-grandkid coming up to me and asking me about this Bush guy. It went something like this…

“Grandad… I have to do a report on US History. Can you help me?”

“Maybe… what’s it about, specifically?”

“About the September 11, 2001 tragedy and the six year war of Iraq.”

(My eyes narrow at this point) “What do you want to know about it?”

“My teacher says that the President of the United States was a hero. That he brought America together like no one else and that he alone saved America from the corrupt influence of Saddam Hussein.”

“Bush a savior? You tell your teacher he’s on crack! There was no reason for America to invade Iraq. Hussein didn’t even have the ability to defend himself. I mean, sure, he was a bad guy but he wasn’t behind the September 11th attacks! That was Osama Bin Laden.”


“Bin Laden. You don’t know who that is?”

“No. It’s not in my textbooks.”

“Ok… come into the den. I’ll tell you what //really// happened.”

“And Bush was a hero, right?”

“Oi… this is going to be a long, looooong night…”

Well, you get the general idea. At any rate, I think it would behoove our future generations that we document EVERYTHING about this war and these past two elections and seal them in a time capsule, scheduled to be opened in 2050. That way we can ensure that history will not forget “The Great Unifier” and how he rushed insanely to destroy America.


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