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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Jersey Shore vacation, Part I

The two weeks we spent in Bay Head, New Jersey in late July and early August made such an impression that I think I could write a book about them. In reporting on the trip, it's hard to tell where to start. Might as well go with this for openers:

Cool Things That the Jersey Shore and Oregon Have in Common

Music Together
Gas station attendants
Dairy Queen
Decent turkey burgers

Things That the Jersey Shore Has, and Oregon Doesn't

71-degree ocean swimming
Beach lifeguards
Deli sandwiches on great rye bread, with about a pound of meat on them
The default mustard: some serious, stoneground stuff
Beach boardwalks with fabulous kiddie rides
Real bagels
Local flounder, swordfish and fluke
Toll roads
Beach admission charges
"Taylor Pork Roll"
A 6 percent sales tax on just about everything
Guys suspected of the 2001 anthrax attacks

UPDATE, 8/19, 8:55 p.m.: Just thought of two more for the second list:

Hard water that makes thin hair look thicker
Beach houses with hot/cold outdoor showers

UPDATE, 8/21, 4:39 a.m.: And let's not forget:

Vicious mosquitoes

Comments (12)

Umm. We have clams. We have some boardwalks on some beaches.

Where's the list of things we have that they don't? Like "invigorating ocean temperatures" - n - stuff...

Oregon clams? Never ate one. Oregon boardwalks? No penny arcades, so they don't count.

As for the good things that Oregon has and the Jersey Shore doesn't (and never will), they are so numerous as to defy blog-ation. But the trip was our time to look through the other side of the lens.

Damn. You just ratcheted my always-on east coast bagel cravings into high gear.

Not to mention the sudden longing for a corned beef sandwich, stacked foot-high...

Under cool things Jersey and Oregon have in common: how about: a Gay American?



Or is that "crooked Democratic power broker resigning over a sex scandal"?

Oooooohhh. A real deli sandwich, mmmmmm. Man, I miss Jersey now.

The "Shore" is not just a place. It's a state of mind.

You win.

Did you know you look a little like Nick Fish?

Greetings from Ann Arbor,
New Joisey beaches are like awakening in the midst of a Soprano's episode. Gum chewing,cotton candy-like big haired lasses doing their nails a dark red while mall dreaming.
Is it really the place for the Jesuit educated?
Here in the midwest, where Mortimer Snerd bred a thousand times to build this heartland race,we think not of Joisey beaches, but rather choose to just remain.

Hypodermic Needles?

you never ate an oregon clam?! Get down here. There are at least 4 different kinds (empire, steamers, razors, marthas) you can dig out of the bay yourself. You can also get freshly harvested oysters in four places around here. I hated clams and oysters til i moved here. Nothin like camping up the river and someone bringin up two bushels of medium oysters to be tossed on the bbq with the marthas.

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