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Monday, April 12, 2004

Uncle Charles's joke

Mother and three-year-old Son are at the zoo, looking at an elephant.

Son asks Mother, "What is that long thing on the front of his face?" "Why, that's his trunk, Son," Mother replies.

"What's that hanging off his backside?" the son inquires. "That's his tail," says Mom.

"And what's that thing hanging down off his belly, Mom?" After a moment of reflection, Mother says, "Oh, that isn't anything," and she guides the boy along to next exhibit.

A few weeks later, Son is back at the zoo with his father. At the elephant area, he shows off his new knowledge.

"See that thing hanging off his face?" he tells Father. "That's his trunk."

"Very good," Father replies. "Well, then, if you're so smart, what's that thing hanging off his backside?" "That's his tail," says Son, beaming with pride at his new knowledge.

A few moments of silence pass between them. Then the boy volunteers, "Mom says that thing hanging down off his belly isn't anything."

"Well, Son," Father says, "your mother is just spoiled."

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