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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Fighting Ray Charles

Oregonian columnist Steve Duin really lets the Portland police have it today.

He speaks for many of us.

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That's just sick. Abusing a 71 year old woman, even if she wasn't blind and half deaf, should be obviously wrong. What the hell is wrong with the cops in PDX?

It is long past time to crack some serious heads at the police department. I fell that many cops are of the "some people only understand force" variety of thinking. In reality, the ones who only understand force are usually the ones claiming that "some people only understand force."

When will the cops that are misbehaving be held responsible?

As a former Portland resident/convict (I escaped on a bus in 1985)I can empathize with those of you stuck there ( and most of my family). You live in a socialist's paradise, with super-high income taxes, assisted suicide and an assortment of other crap. I, on the other hand, live in lovely Orange County, California, where Republicans rule, we are happy and have no desire to share our good fortune with a bunch of whining immigrants who have yet to earn anything (uh, it usually take a couple of generations - try learning English first, guys). Lovely lovely lovely - very nice it is, but the Portland Police suck, and this is what you get for creating a socialist environment like you have done over the past few decades. I am so happy - the smog kinda sucks, but it's a great trade off - I can surf everyday - yah! BTW, I HATE the Lakers - wish the Blazers would go to rehab and will NEVER walk UNION Ave. again (yeah, it USED to be called that - now it's MLK Jr. Blvd)

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