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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Don't get your hopes up

The pending public inquest into the police shooting of an unarmed black motorist in Portland is unlikely to satisfy many of those who are outraged by the killing. Apparently in response to (or anticipation of) a lawsuit by the shooting officer, who is now trying to block the inquest, DA Mike Schrunk is quoted as stating that the proceeding will be very limited, and it will not delve into the question whether the shooting was justified:

Schrunk said last week that the public has an urgent need for accurate information, so a public inquest is justified.

He said the inquest would be limited to determining the identification of the victim, when and where the death took place, the cause of death and the manner of death.

He said it would be a fact-finding procedure and not intended to determine whether deadly force was justified. He said a grand jury would do that later.

As b!X predicted in an earlier post or comment (which escapes me for the moment), this may not be much of an inquest at all. We already know who the victim was, when and where he died, the cause of death and pretty much all about the "manner of death."

If that's all that the public is going to get to hear inquest testimony about, the anger is likely to get even worse. This summer is not looking good at all.

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As an elected official, I would think that DA Shrunk would have chosen language in his discussions with the press that would reflect his commitment to a thorough and speedy resolution of this case. A DA usually flies under the radar of the electorate, but he should be able to sound less like "the Man" and more like a public servant committed to all of our N PDX community when talking with the press.

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