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Thursday, April 8, 2004


Sometime this morning, visitor no. 100,000 arrived here, and with such a major odometer turn, it's time for the customary self-congratulatory post. I'd love to identify the historic visitor, but alas, Site Meter got drunk and passed out for a couple of hours today, and so I can't tell who it was. I guess you get what you pay for.

Time elapsed since the last 10K milestone: 29 days.

We now shift to a new level of milestones. The next visitor hailed will be no. 125K.

Thanks to everyone who visits here, especially those who leave comments. This is fun.

Comments (4)

I've got to hand it to you--you have doubled your readership since last fall (or more). You now have one of the 400 or so most-read blogs in the 'sphere. Way to go, man!

Congrats! Appreciate the good work.

Nicely done, Cuz. Congratulations.

And meanwhile, there's '1221 SW 4th' in Phil Stanford's column again today.

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