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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Sure-fire way to chase an important business out of Portland

Have the CEO ride in a car with Mayor Vera Katz in a parade.

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It may sound harsh, but I say good riddance to M&F if they decide to leave. Can any of you even remember what used to be in the block immeditely North of M&F downtown? There was another store that failed to compete: Lippmans (I have great childhood memories of going to Lippman's to get a cinnamon cookies from the Cinnamon Bear). Lippman's failed to update its store and compete, and thus failed. Isn't the same thing happening to the outdated, outmoded M&F?

I know it would leave a hole, but that hole could be filled.

If Vera would commit to M&F one tenth of what she blows on Homer Williams, they would have that store all spruced up and humming. But she won't. So they'll leave.

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