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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Don't let the door hit you

Portland Trail Blazer guard-forward Bonzi Wells got his walking papers today. Traded to Memphis for Wesley Person and a draft pick. Wells showed promise when he first got here, but he soon revealed himself to be, as they say in the sports world, a "head case." Cursing the coach, flipping off fans, spitting at fans, tripping opposing players, altercations with police officers outside bars, altercations with convenience store clerks -- clearly not a Portland kind of guy.

The management of the heaven-forsaken Blazer team has finally begun blowing it up. Should have been done long ago. Now we're only about four or five trades away from cleaning out all the trashy characters on the squad.

My sports expert Doug has this prediction, which rings true: Wells will do fine in Memphis, for a while. But by a year from now, he'll be right back to where he is now.

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Wes Person? I didn't know he was still in the league. Shows you how far Bonzi's stock has fallen. The first round pick is what they traded for. Good move. Time to rebuild.

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