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Friday, October 31, 2003

Neil is down on the PUD

Former Governor, Former Mayor, Former Secretary of Transportation, still Big-Time Power Broker Neil Goldschmidt's on the op-ed page of The O today, warning us not to form a people's utility district (PUD) here in Multnomah County.

Millionaire Neil's civic-minded oration includes this interesting tidbit:

Since 1991 I have provided consulting advice to Pacific Power. My confidence in the company's integrity, passion for getting it right and determination to stay close to its communities has been rewarded.

Yes, I'm sure it has, Neil. All the way to your bank account.

I remember when you didn't have to pay this guy to say something. Now he's got a vision for Portland, all right, and it just happens to include all the pet desires of his and his spouse's high-paying clients.

It's hard not to like Neil, and I just mailed in our no votes on the PUD. But I'm saddened that Hizzoner has so lost touch with where he came from.

Comments (2)

Since leaving public office, Neil Goldschmidt became and seems to remain a high paid shill for the plutocrats, mega-developers and polluters. If near-megabucks are offered, he'll bandy around Portland saying we need a nuke plant on Ross Island. It's pathetic.

With public power we wouldn't have to see our money go thru PGE or Pacific Power's hands to corporate whores like NG.

I voted for you, Myles. You're my pick for commissioner on the PUD that I hope never gets formed. 8c)

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