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Thursday, October 2, 2003

More celebrity mail

I'm a popular guy. First Diane Linn writes me a nice letter, and then I get another one from Neil Goldschmidt the same week. Neil was writing, along with Margaret Carter and Phil Keisling, to remind me to vote no on the proposed public utility district that would take over the electricity business in Portland.

Neil cracks me up these days. I can just picture him with Margaret and Phil signing letters and licking stamps in Margaret's kitchen. And his pitch against the PUD is downright comical. Says Goldschmidt: The public power district would add a new and unnecessary "layer of government." Jeez, Neil, look in the mirror. Weren't you one of the main guys who invented the all-time most unnecessary layer of government -- Metro?

Given what the former mayor and governor has done with the last 20 years of his life -- which is make many millions using his influence on behalf of large corporations and real estate developers -- I'm not at all surprised that he's against the PUD. I would also not be surprised if he was paid, directly and indirectly, to say so.

I wonder if the voters of the Corbett neighborhood got this letter, and whether they realize that it's coming from the man who stuck the aerial tram down their throat.

I'm inclined to vote no on the PUD. But if we're getting the smooth talk from Neil about it, it makes me think that maybe I should reconsider.

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No idea if he's paid to say he's anti-PUD. But all of these ads and mailings are coming out of Pacific Power and PGE's pockets. Which, of course, is perfectly fine, except that they tend to be putting a lot of it out there under other people's names, or under the name of the fake Citizens Against the Corporate Takeover. I have no problem with Pacific Power or PGE not wanting to be taken over by a PUD, I just wish they'd have the balls to say so under their own corporate name.

Oh, and of course it doesn't really matter what name is signed onto all these anti-PUD materials, because they are all geenrated from the same set of talking points and buzzwords. "new layer of government" isn't something NG came up with, unless NG is also the blonde housewife I've been seeing on TV using the same exact words.

I think the buzzword game is being played on both sides -- e.g., the word "Enron."

I don't mind the pseudonymous "citizens' groups," either. No one's making the proponents sign as "Dan Meek and the Same Folks Who Have Been Trying to Sell Public Power in Portland for Over 20 Years."

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