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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Here! Here's what they're looking for!

Site Meter was down all day yesterday. My hit counts are kinda stagnant lately anyway. What to do?...

Hey, here's an idea. Let's have some fun with all the crazies out there who are out to get the guy who interfered with the foul ball at the Cubs game. I've noticed a bunch of Google hits looking for him. No doubt the searchers are hunting for personal information, in order to harass the guy.

Watch this:

Attention, all frustrated Cub fans! Here are the home address and phone number of Steve Bartman. I hear Bartman's moving soon, but you can still reach him there. I know he says he's sorry, and I know most of us could have made the mistake he did, but he's caused a lot of suffering, and, well, that means now it's his turn to....

Ahhhhh. Now to sit back with a nice glass of wine and watch the old hit counter roll.

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LOL! Fabulous idea! Update us on the hits...

I find that the word "sex" or some specific sex act in a random post also works pretty well.

HAHAHA! Let us know how it comes out! Reminds me of an experiment John. C Dvorak tried (that I tried as well) to see how many people would hit his columns. I took some words from Google Zeilgeist, and used them a bunch in an entry, and you can see that I got at least one person to comment on things: http://utterlyboring.com/blog/archives/000531.php . But I did get a bunch more traffic because of that. Stupid people.

oh, Lord, this will be funny. I hope you intend to post the results.

Here's a thought on how to get your hit ticker rollin again. post more links to stuff like the still hillarious "peanut butter jelly time" anthem and they will come. maybe this will help http://web.archive.org/web/20020606014929/http://www.doyouwant2cds.com/ (not office safe & a little slow)

It took Google a lot longer than I thought it would to get hold of this. The first hits started coming in on Tuesday, 10/21. Just a trickle -- I think I may have posted just a little too late.

Kobe accuser nude!

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