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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Flowage needed

Picture this. You're walking along through Times Square or Fisherman's Wharf and you come across the best street musician you've heard in a long time. This performer's so good, you drop a big tip in his instrument case and stand there, spellbound, for a half hour or so. Between a couple of songs he points out that he needs your contributions so that he can work on a new collection of songs that could be his masterpiece. You're so enthused that you start to hail passersby and tell them: "Hey, give this guy some change! He needs it! And listen to how great a player he is."

That is how I felt as I read on Tony Pierce's busblog last night that Tony wants to go to Chicago and see the Cubs play in the World Series, maybe even on his upcoming birthday. He promises to drop his job as a crimefighter, ditch the supermodels that hang around his house, and blog away about his trip to the Wrigley Field bleachers (or at least, the Cubby Bar across the street) to watch history in the making.

I usually don't give to panhandlers, but this is no ordinary circumstance. Head over to his blog, check him out, and give 'til it hurts, or just take my word for it and click on this:

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holy crap!

thank you soooo much!!!!

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