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Sunday, October 5, 2003

86 on the slaw

My favorite burger joint, Burgerville, politely informed me the other day that they're no longer carrying cole slaw. I've always ordered the slaw as an alternative to fries, and so this menu deletion bums me out. I know there was probably a bunch of fat in the slaw sauce (is that what you call it?), but at least there were raw vegetables in there to cut against it.

The nice gal at the drive-through suggested a side salad as an alternative, but I don't do salads at burger joints, for religious reasons.

I wound up filching some fries out of my daughter's kid's meal. I console myself with the fact that they use canola oil.

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It concerns me a bit that one of my fav law profs will stoop to filching his daughter's fries.

Damned shame. Good cole slaw is getting harder to find. Sometimes I like to "kick it up a notch" with addition of caraway seeds, my damned diverticula notwithstanding.

Is there any good cole slaw anymore? I mean the best I can find is at my local grocery store where it is lovingly made by 50 year old women with hair nets. In 15 years or so I will be up a creek and have to resort to going to restaurants for my fix. America really is going to hell in a hand basket.

the word is "slawce"

Main Entry: 1slawce
Pronunciation: 'slos
Function: noun
Etymology: Dutch koolsla, from kool cabbage + sla salad; Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin salsa, feminine of salsus salted, from past participle of sallere to salt, from sal salt -- more at SALT
Date: 1794
1 : a condiment or relish for a salad made of raw sliced or chopped cabbage; especially : a fluid dressing or topping
2 : something that adds zest or piquancy to a salad made of raw sliced or chopped cabbage


Why not cut out the fat food -- I mean, fast food altogether. Do you really want your children to learn bad habits? Sorry, just a suggestion!

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