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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Here you go

Some folks have been here looking for something about Kathryn Bogle. Google isn't directing them very well to the primary item I posted about her, partly because I included her middle name between her first and last. Searchers, you want to look here.

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I am a volunteer reporter at KBOO, 90.7 and am putting together a radio memorial for Kathryn Bogle, possibly to air at the end of next week (September 26, 2003).

I will be meeting with Dick Bogle on Tuesday, and have been able to get some audio from the Oregon historical society of their interviews with Kathryn Bogle, so should end up with audio of her.

But I am also looking to talk with people who knew her well, were positively affected by her legacy, and would not mind sharing their memories of her life.

My e-mail address is aaron@intellingua.com, or I can read replies posted to this list.


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