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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guess who's been working in the Portland sewer department

Uh oh.

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Wonder where PERS will send his retirement checks. But we don't mind, this is Little Beirut after all. (No offense to Lebanon intended.)

Lids on the reservoirs!

Mohamed Mohamud gets a roommate.

Some talk on the street seems to think this is the tip of the ice berg. I hope not.

I think lids would not protect our water supply from an inside operation.

What we need is for government to create a team of uber special citizens who would monitor and then report on their own neighbors. That data can be merged with drone data to form a BigBrother/BigData database so that we can track the bad guys among us.

I mean come on, how many of us have "silent fly-on-the-wall" types at our workplace or neighborhoods? These people are just waiting to blow us the hell up! Forgettabout the illegal aliens! I'm worried about the legal aliens who are now citizens. And the citizens who were born here. Those are the scary ones!

Some talk on the street seems to think this is the tip of the ice berg.

You mean...other members of the BES?....All the members of the BES?

Well, they say 'stuff' happens. Who'd know better? And, it probably does contribute to the view that Americans are just a bunch of ars.....

No wonder he's only an employee and not a politician. He only sent his suicide bomber buddy $2,500, according to reports. That won't even get you a handshake with the developer weasels in Portland.

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